Colombia Cerro Azul

cold brew with a pineapple, sage & lavender simple syrup

Cold brewed Colombia Cerro Azul served inside an ice sphere with a pineapple, sage and lavender simple syrup. This is a little bit of a more specialized technique with a little bit of  of trial and error. You can do this with any cold brew and syrup combination, or even cocktails!!

To do this you need a spherical ice mold and a syringe. Freeze the water in the mold, but check on it every hour or so. You want an even thin layer of ice, approx. 1/4″, to form around the center so you can remove the water by using a syringe. If you let it stay in the freezer too long, then the wall will be too thick. Not long enough, and the ice will shatter and you have to start over.

Colombia Cerro Azul

Once enough ice has formed, you’ll want to make a tiny hole in one end of the sphere. (I use the tip of the syringe) Create a hole in the ice sphere by rotating the needle clockwise and anti-clockwise. Then, using a syringe, suck out the water. You have to move very quickly so the sphere doesn’t begin to melt. Once all the water is removed, put the sphere back in the freezer until ready to fill. Put the sphere back on the empty mold, or a lint free towel so it doesn’t move around.

The next step is getting the coffee into the empty sphere. We will be using the syringe, but it is crucial that the coffee is very cold, if it is too warm it will crack  your sphere. I moved the coffee to the freezer about 15 minutes prior to filling it, and then when ready, shook it with ice.

Colombia Cerro Azul

Once filled, place the sphere in a cup and pour the syrup on top. Then crack the sphere open and enjoy!

The final product!